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24Option Full Review

Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in 24option, Binary Options, Binary Options Review, Binary Options Trading |


24Option is a true Binary Options Pioneer. This trading pioneer was launched in the year 2009. It created a great business in the industry of Binary Options when it was first launched, and it is still doing so up to date. The current owner of 24Option is Remodeler Ltd. If you may have known 24Option earlier on, you can agree with me that it was formerly owned by CBAY. CBAY owned it until December 2013 when it was taken over by Rodeler Ltd. The current company owning 24Option is under Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission and licensed with a license number 207/13. Since 04/12/2013, the current owner of 24Option Company has been registered with British Financial Conduct Authority. The company is also registered with Rodeler BaFin in Germany.

24Option is fully based on the web and operates on the TechFinanciels trading platform. It has been providing the traders with very simple and proper tools that are needed to trade options. It has been growing and developing slowly but in a very smart way. Among other features, 24Option has a great user-interface. This is because the process is very easy to use since live chats are also available. The live chats can be accessed by simply clicking on the asset. To examine the assets more closely, simply click on the asset tap and a small window will pop out with the information by Yahoo and other related sources. The traders, therefore, do not need to browse the assets on the other pages. This makes your work as a trader very easy.

24Option has been one of the best Binary Options Brokers in the market because of these significant advantages it has. Significant improvements have been also made on the 24Option Broker since they were founded. The main ambition of 24Option has been to stay up to date. That is why the platform has been re-designed, and assets increased in number.

The ideas of 24Option have been slightly different as compared to other binary options brokers. This because of how the assets have been arranged. The assets range from the shortest expiry time to the longest expiry time. For you as a trader to see this, you can click on the High/Low tab and a list of all the assets with their expiry time will appear. To view the chosen assets only, simply click on the High/Low tab and you can choose the indices or stocks tabs. You should know that there are over 100 assets and in every category, they will appear from the shortest time of expiry to the longest time of expiry. Many people have found this platform to be the best to use as compared to other platforms.


As long as you get used to this platform, the TechFinanciels will provide a better solution to the traders even those who trade around the clock in some seconds. You know the higher the risk, the higher the profit. So it is good to take risks. Even those who prefer a trade to be more conservative still benefit from this platform. Make 24Option your choice and see how you can make great profits. Try it now.



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How to trade with 24Option

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Binary Options, Binary Options Review, Binary Options Trading |

   When a trading company has a website with accessible features and easy-to-use interface then customers will enjoy trading and they will certainly come back and become a regular client, which is the ultimate goal of any company. More accounts means more profit, and good impressions are especially important in the unpredictable world of online trading. That is the reason why this article will explore some features of a well-known broker called “24Option”, and this 24Option review will hopefully show you how to invest your money properly and be on the winning side.


            First of all, let me just say a couple of words about the history and foundation of this company. “24Option” was started in 2010, and since that moment it offers top quality services, reliable and high performing platform and a safe trading environment. This element about safety is especially true from the year 2013, since that was the year when this enterprise was licensed by CySEC – Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, and this meant that the highest possible security protocols were followed and that the most demanding checks were passed, and that activities and operations of “24Option” were impeccable and fully legitimate. Lot of scam sites are present on the market, but this broker house is definitely not one of them, and the license from CySEC just additionally proves this point.

24Options Trading Signals

            When it comes to the website itself, “24Option” boasts with a super-friendly interface and fully optimized platform, both for desktop or laptop computers and for mobile apps, which are available for Android and iOS devices. But, before clients are able to do any trading through this broker house, they need to have an account, and this can happen after certain amount of money is deposited. Deposits can be made through various means of money transfer, such as credit cards, wire transfer, NETELLER, Skrill and many others, and most of world’s popular currencies are also supported, so clients can use dollars, pounds, euros and other currencies. To open a Beginner account, which is the first step and the “lowest” type of accounts with this broker, customers need to deposit at least $250. Other accounts require larger investments and basically more money, but they offer more features and better services. The names of those other types are Standard, Gold and Platinum, although there are some special types of accounts as well. Minimum amount per trade with “24Option” is $24, but with success rate of staggering 89% this amount looks pretty small and most traders have tendency to invest significantly larger amounts. 24option_trading

            Very important service when trading with binary options is the ability to receive and use binary signals, and any “24Option” review has to emphasize the importance and quality of the trading signals that are offered by this company. They are incorporated into the platform, created by experienced experts and market analysts and have very good success ratio so customers are strongly encouraged to take a look at what they offer. Signals also have reliability meters next to them, which makes decision process much easier and traders can easily see which signals have more chance of becoming profitable.

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Forex-“Candlestick” signals and patterns

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Binary Options, Binary Options Trading |

No matter how good of a forex trader you are, extra help is always wanted, and refusing such help is not smart. Because of that people have created signals and patterns that can aid in trading. These tools are not made to make you money, but to assist you while you make money on forex.

    Now to explain what candlestick signal actually is, or rather the anatomy of basic candlestick. Basic candlestick is a blend of two “shadows”, bulish and bearish, and body which shows the state of the prices, open or close.  Forex

    Before I continue I have to notice similarity between these signals and signals given in binary options trading by Binary Option Robot and similar software.

     In the case of bulish candle close price will be higher than open, while in the case of bearish price it is lower. To figure out which candle is which they are marked with different sets of colors.  Shadows are distinguished by their placement, upper shadow represents higher price while lower price is represented with lower shadow, simple isn’t it. Because it is as simple as it is there are a lot of traders who use these candlesticks as their only indicator tools in their trading.

   There is a variety of both signals and patterns ( which we will mention later ), and you might like some of them more than their basic counterparts.

   Hammer is a candlestick signals, as well as Hanging Man, which are reverse type of signals. Their lower shadows are longer, and their bodies are significantly smaller than the basic candlesticks. They also have simple way in which they work. If you see a downtrend signal that means the trend is drawing to stop and vice versa.  Inverted hammer is reverse signal, but it is reverse kind of Hammer signal.

    Then you have patterns, which are formed from two or more candles. In this case I want to talk about Morning Star, a three candle pattern. It is always formed on downtrend. It has its counterpart which is formed always on uptrend and is called Evening Star. using-forex-brokers-for-binary-options

  In both cases first candle is, or should be always bearish candle with large body , and the second one should be lower than the first and should be small.  The third and the final candle is Bulish candle and it should be higher than the second one with body which size should be close to a first candle.

   If you wonder what is the best way to trade using these two tools then I can give you short and simple advice. Best thing is to wait for those signals and patterns to form completely, after which you should take your position and do you part of work.  You can trade without confirmation candle fully formed, but I would advise against that.

   At the end please remember that these are only tools, and you don’t have to use them. It doesn’t matter what type of trading you are involved in, forex, exchange market or binary options, you can trade without any help and if you are skilled enough then you won’t need any help.

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